5 Best Crypto Tax Software in 2023 (Ranked & Reviewed)

Best Crypto Tax Software

The trend of investing in cryptocurrencies has gradually increased over the last decade. Most crypto investors have made a lot of money through investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Binance coin.

A good number of investors have made a fortune and are already millionaires. Investing in crypto is good, but when it comes to paying taxes income, it can be frustrating to figure out and calculate how much tax you have to pay on your crypto earnings.

Maintaining a record of every crypto transaction is challenging, including the amount you spend and the coin’s value at that time. To manage this data, many crypto geeks use crypto tax software which helps them maintain the transactions and calculate the taxable amount.

In this post, I ranked and reviewed the 5 Best Crypto Tax Software in 2023 with full details, features, pros & cons and pricing.

Cryptocurrencies are not taxable until you exchange or sell them. They are personal property; if you sell or transact with crypto, you must pay taxes. The taxable amount is 30% of the crypto income you exchange.

What is the Best Crypto Tax Software?

After using and reviewing many crypto tax software from different companies, here are my top picks for the best crypto tax software in 2023:

  • CoinLedger
  • Koinly
  • ZenLedger
  • TokenTax
  • Accointing

1. CoinLedger


CoinLedger offers one of the finest experiences and features on the list. It enables you to generate all the crypto tax details that you need. It also enables you to connect all your crypto accounts in one place.

It offers multicurrency reports that help you generate tax reports from any currency. It gives insights into your crypto gains and losses.

It integrates with online tax platforms like TurboTax, TaxAct and many others to make filing your taxes easy.

It also integrates with over 100 crypto platforms like Ethereum, Coinbase, Binance, BlockFi, Kraken, Phantom, Uphold and many more.


  • Generate Tax Reports – Generate and download your tax reports with a single click
  • Import Transaction Reports – Import all crypto transactions from your wallets to CoinLedger
  • Automatic Report Calculation – It calculates all your transactions, profits and losses and generates a detailed report.
  • Import Historical Data
  • International Tax Reporting
  • Income Overview
  • Tax Forms
  • Integrations


  • Fast Data Import
  • Easily Integrate With Other Platforms
  • Good Customer Support
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Free Plan


  • No Mobile Application


CoinLedger Pricing
  • Hobbyist Plan: $49 Per Year
  • Day Trader Plan: $99 Per Year
  • High Volume Plan: $199 Per Year
  • Unlimited Plan: $299 Per Year

2. Koinly


Kindly is one of the most famous crypto tax software that provides services in more than 20 countries. It enables you to import from your crypto accounts with a single click easily. It lets you generate and preview tax reports.

It enables you to view your profits and losses for any tax year. It offers portfolio tracking that lets you view your current holding and growth. It lets you export all your transactions to other tax platform software like Turbotax and TaxAct.

It offers 6000+ currencies and integrates with over 350 crypto exchange platforms like Coinbase, Binance, Exmo, Crypto.com, Bittrex, Kraken and many more.


  • Crypto Portfolio Tracker
  • Income Overview
  • Capital Gains
  • Automated Data Import
  • Futures Trading
  • International Tax Reports
  • Integrations
  • Chatbots


  • Supports 6000+ Currencies and 350 Crypto Exchanges.
  • Easy To Use
  • Portfolio Tracking
  • Free Plan


  • No Crypto Payment Support


Koinly Pricing
  • Newbie Plan: $49 Per Year
  • Hodler Plan: $99 Per Year
  • Trader Plan: $179 Per Year

3. ZenLedger


Zenledger is a crypto tax tool that enables you to calculate taxes and track trades, profits and losses. It lets you import transactions from wallets through API and CSV and creates a full tax report.

Its Custom build resolution features help you to identify any error during importing transactions and provide valuable reports and information. It enables you to download tax reports and accounting reports.

It supports integrations with more than 400+ exchanges and 50+ platforms like Binance, BitMEX, AirSwap, Bibox, Bittrex, 1inch and many more.


  • Crypto Tax Harvesting Tool
  • Unified Accounting
  • Integrations
  • Capital Gains & loss Monitor
  • Transaction History
  • Tax calculator


  • Track Trades easily
  • Quickly Monitor Profits and Losses
  • Easy To Use
  • Integration
  • Free Plan


  • DeFi Support Available On Higher Plan


ZenLedger Plans
  • Starter Plan: $49 Per Year
  • Premium Plan: $149 Per Year
  • Executive Plan: $399 Per Year
  • Platinum Plan: $999 Per Year

4. TokenTax

TokenTax Crypto

Integrating with almost every exchange, TokenTax lets you quickly file crypto taxes and import transactions from other wallets. It offers automatic tax forms and reports that help you in saving your precious time.

It offers service in almost every country and has multicurrency support to create tax reports for different currencies quickly.

It Integrates with almost every blockchain network and wallets like 1inch, Balancer, Binance, Bitpay, BlockFi, Coinbase, Bitrue and many more.


  • Tax Loss Dashboard
  • Mining income Reports
  • Customer Enterprise Reports
  • International Forms
  • TurboTax Integration
  • Cross Chain Transactions
  • Tax Reports
  • Long-Term Gain Reports


  • NFT Support
  • DeFi Support
  • Easy Integration
  • Works All Around The World
  • MultiCurrency Support


  • No Free Trial


TokenTax Plan
  • Basic Plan: $65 Per Year
  • Premium Plan: $199 Per Year
  • VIP Plan: $3499 Per Year

5. Accointing By Glassnode

Accointing Crypto

Accointing is a great tool that gives insights into your crypto portfolio and enables you to file taxes on your crypto earnings. It lets you analyze your performance and detailed transaction reports.

It offers crypto tax reports and lets you review your overall portfolio’s performance. It integrates with different wallets like Binance, Bitmex, Coinbase, Bitpanda, Kraken, FTX, Uphold and many more.

It offers many great features, like a crypto calculator and crypto tracker.


  • Crypto Tax Report
  • Instant Import
  • Token Research
  • Alerts
  • Crypto Tax Calculator
  • Crypto Tracker
  • Mobile Application


  • Easy To Use
  • Mobile Application
  • Track Crypto Portfolio
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Good Customer Support
  • NFT Support


  • Need More Features


Accointing Plan
  • Hobbyist Plan: $79 Per Year
  • Trader Plan: $199 Per Year
  • Pro Plan: $299 Per Year


This was my list of the 5 Best Crypto Tax Software in 2023. All the software listed above is highly reviewed and trusted by many customers. You can choose any software according to your needs.

I suggest you go with Coinledger if you are looking for an all-in-one crypto tax software, as it provides premium features and good customer support.

I hope you got what you were looking for. So what software are you choosing for your crypto taxes? Let me know in the comments.

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