How To Use Sandboxie? (Step By Step Guide) – 2023

How To Use Sandboxie?

Sandboxie is one of the best software that helps users safely browse and runs programs without overlooking viruses and malicious files.

It is used by many users for the privacy and safety of their devices as it provides many good features.

It offers a virtual space for your programs to run smoothly and without any problems. It saves all the documents and files on its server called a sandbox.

In this guide, I explained the detailed steps on how to use Sandboxie and secure your device from any type of malicious program.

What is Sandboxie?

Sandboxie is a computer program that enables users to run programs in a separate space on the same software.

It helps users to safely run programs and browse malicious websites without harming their system.

It also offers enhanced privacy and security by storing all browsing data, cookies, and cache files in Sandboxie.

It protects from computer viruses and malicious files by running the program in an isolated space.

You can easily run multiple programs at the same time using Sandboxie and customize the programs according to your needs.

It also enables you to recover files and data from the sandbox by following simple steps.

Sandboxie software runs on Windows 7/8.1/10/11 x64, ARM64, and x86 devices

I offer many good features like:

  • Secure Web Browsing
  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Isolated Space
  • Secure Emails
  • Virus Protection
  • Malicious Programs Protection

How To Use Sandboxie?

Using Sandboxie can be problematic for some users because of its complicated user interface, it comes with simple features and is very easy to use.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Sandboxie:

1. Download Sandboxie

To download Sandboxie you can simply go to the Sandboxie website and download the compatible version for your system.

Sandboxie Download

2. Install The Program

After you have successfully downloaded the program right click on the file and click I agree and then install.

Sandbox Installation
Sandboxie file install

After Installation click next and it will automatically install drivers for Sandboxie

Sandboxie Driver Installation

3. Configure Sandboxie

After installation goes to the main screen and Right click on Sandboxed Web browser shortcut.

Sandboxie shortcut

Run the application and you will be redirected to a browser

Sandboxie redirect

After redirection, if you see yellow lines in the corner of the browsers, Sandboxie is enabled.

Hurray, now you safely visit any website and download any file without thinking about the virus files and malicious programs. Your system is fully secure with Sandboxir Protection.

How Does Sandboxie Work?

Sandboxie works by creating a virtual space for your programs and browsers called a sandbox.

It enables you to operate your browsers and programs without letting them create any changes in the system which decrease the chances of any virus or malware attack on your system.

It offers full security and protection from any threat by saving the data files in the Sandbox instead of the system.

Sandboxie Plus vs Sandboxie Classic

Sandboxie Plus offers a completely new user interface and great features and Sandboxie classic offers simple features with the regular user interface.

Here are some of the differences between Sandboxie Plus & Sandboxie Classic:

FeaturesSandboxie PlusSandboxie Classic
Support Reminder
Object Filtering
WFP Support
Privacy Enhanced Boxes
Process Breakout
Security Enhanced Boxes
Box Snapshots

How to Run Steam On Sandboxie?

You can easily run steam on Sandboxie by following these steps:

  • Go to Sandboxie control
  • Click the Sandbox option from the header menu
  • Click on the create Sandbox option and name it Steam
  • Go to Sandbox settings and navigate to File access>Direct Access
  • Click on add program
  • Navigate to the Steam file
  • Select the file and hit ok and run the program
  • Click Run standboard>Run any program
  • Browse and navigate the steam file you want to run
  • Click Ok and steam will run.


Is Sandboxie Safe?

Yes, Sandboxie is safe and it is also known for its high security and privacy. It stores files in an isolated space and hence reduces the chances of any virus threat to the system.

What Is Sandboxie Used For?

Sandbox is used for running browsers, applications, and programs on an isolated area called a sandbox to safely browse websites and run applications with more privacy and less risk of getting your system attacked by viruses.

Wrap Up

Sandboxie can benefit you by proving a safe browsing experience and full security for the system. It offers many features that you can use for your device and improve your experience.

So this was the complete guide on how to use Sandboxie including all other details and answers. I hope this article benefitted you and you got what you were looking for.

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