Is Web Hosting Necessary For a Website? (Fully Explained!)

Is Web Hosting Necessary For a Website

Web hosting is one of the main components of the website. Your website cannot go live on search engines until it is not hosted on an online server.

Web Hosting plays an important role in storing your website data on a server and making your website visible to others.

Is Web Hosting Necessary For Your Website?

Yes, web hosting is necessary as it stores your website data on online servers and helps search engines easily reach your website. Without web hosting, you cannot make your website visible online and get organic traffic.

Therefore it is important to have a hosting service so that you can make your website searchable and available to people around the world on the internet.

If you want to start a website or a blog your priority should be buying a good quality web hosting plan so that you can host your website online server. It is important to choose a good hosting service because it determines your website speed.

Choose a web hosting service that easily handles a good amount of traffic and the server never goes down because can affect your website performance.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is an online hosting service that gathers and saves your website data on online servers.

They connect your website with search engines and enable you to manage and edit your website online.

There are different types of hosting services like WordPress hosting, Cloud Hosting, and VPS Hosting.

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How To Choose a Good Web Hosting?

Well, there are thousands of web hosting providers available online, and choosing from that huge list can be complicated for a beginner who just wants to start a website.

Bad hosting can ruin your website’s performance and rankings in the search engine, many beginners make a big mistake by purchasing bad hosting that looks to offer good features at a very low price, going after a cheap hosting service can be your biggest mistake.

When I started my blog I also purchased cheap web hosting which was $2 per month and I thought it will not harm my website, but after a week my website became slow and started to lose rankings in the SERP.

It caused my website a great loss and within 2 weeks I changed my website hosting service. I purchased a good hosting service and begin to see improvements in my website speed and rankings.

That’s why I will suggest you go with a good hosting provider if you are starting your blog or website.

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Best Web Hosting Services

Well there are plenty of web hosting services available that provide good quality, speed, service, and features, but if you want the best ones I would personally suggest only two hosting services:

1. Nexcess

Nexcess Web Hosting

If you want the most premium web hosting experience you should go with Nexcess. It provides extremely fast speeds and good privacy.

It integrates with WordPress so that you can easily design your website and post articles on a single dashboard. It is without a doubt one of the best hosting available.

I also run my website on nexcess hosting and it works smoothly and fast. It provides many good features like Qubely pro and exceptional customer support and a chatbot.

It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the service. It offers 6 different plans for every type of requirements


Spark Plan$12.67 Per Month
Maker Plan$52.67 Per Month
Designer Plan$72.67 Per Month
Builder Plan$99.33 Per Month
Producer Plan$199.33 Per Month
Executive Plan$366 Per Month

2. Hostinger

Hostinger Web Hosting

Well if you are looking for a budget hosting service with good features and good quality service you should go with hostinger.

It provides awesome features and server speed is top-notch at a very less price. It integrates with hostinger and provides many benefits like free business email and a free domain for a one-year subscription.

Hostinger plans start from as low as $1.99 per month and if you purchase a yearly plan you get many benefits. At this price range, hostinger provides the best service and quality.


Single Hosting$1.99 Per Month
Premium Hosting$2.99 Per Month
Business Hosting$3.99 Per Month
Cloud Startup Hosting$9.99 Per Month
Cloud Professional Hosting$14.99 Per Month
Cloud Enterprise Hosting$29.99 Per Month

If you have a good budget and you want premium hosting features and fast speed, you should go with Nexcess and if you have a low budget and you want good web hosting that provides good speed you can go with hostinger.

In my personal opinion, I would suggest you go with Nexcess.

Free Web Hosting Service

Blogger Free Hosting

If you want a free alternative for web hosting then you should go with Blogger. It is a Free hosting platform introduced by google and is also the best option for people who want a free hosting service.

It provides every feature that lets you easily design your blog and post articles. The only downside is that it doesn’t provide good features and customizations and in some cases, it takes a long time to rank on google.

The benefit of blogger is that it is google introduced platform, provides a free subdomain, and the best thing it is free.

If you don’t want to spend money on paid hosting blogger can be a good option for you but keep in mind that it comes with some disadvantages.

You can practice for a month on blogger and then you can shift to paid hosting which will also help you in getting some experience in the blogging field.

Wrap Up

Web hosting is necessary for a website and choosing a good hosting service is also important as it provides many benefits. It is an important part of your website and without it, you cannot upload your site on google or any other search engine.

I hope this article benefitted you and you what you were looking for. So which web hosting service are you choosing, let me know in the comments.

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