LinkedIn Sales Navigator-Free trial, Pricing & Review -2023

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Free trial

LinkedIn has been one of the best platforms for over 20 years for businesses and individuals to connect and generate leads. It is one of the best platforms for B2B businesses, trusted by thousands of famous companies and businesses.

Although it is an excellent option for social engagement and networking, some professionals and businesses need higher advantages and features. That’s why they introduced LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

This tool offers more features and quality that help in easy lead generation and finding targeted customers for your business, leading to more sales and success.

In this LinkedIn Sales Navigator review, I will discuss full features, free trials, sales navigator pricing, and my opinion.

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

What is LinkedIn-Sales-Navigator

It is a premium plan that helps businesses and individuals efficiently target their audience, easily reach them, and generate more leads for their business.

It enables you to monitor data, view insights, maintain the bond with the client and increase customer experience.

It is one of the best B2B business tools that help sales professionals reach the right customer.

It integrates with many customer relation management(CRM) software like Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, and other CRMs and enables you to view and manage your activities on them.

Linkedin offers a sales navigator mobile app from where you can manage any work regarding your business.

It lets clients manage billing and payments and enables them to save account details and leads.

LinkedIn offers a free sales navigator trial period of 30 days for users who want to try and test the tool before purchasing.

They offer three plans – Core, Sales Navigator Advanced, and Sales Navigator Advanced Plus(Enterprise).

What is the difference between LinkedIn, LinkedIn Premium Business, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn is a massive platform for professionals, individuals, and clients that helps them to connect with others and grow their client relationships.

It is mainly used for job purposes, skill learning, outreach, and increasing your presence in the digital world.

It has a regular dashboard with standard features that everyone can use, and it is used to build your professional profile.

LinkedIn Premium

The LinkedIn premium business gives you a premium Linkedin account with many benefits and features.

It gives advanced insights into the company, including user activities statistics, user contacts, and view details about the competitor company or LinkedIn account.

It lets you connect with other users more advanced and helps you gain a presence in the industry. Linkedin business accounts come with good features and helpful analytics.

 LinkedIn Sales Navigator review

While LinkedIn sales navigator is meant for professional work, it is a tool of LinkedIn which gives you an in-depth view of your activities, helps in targeting specific audiences for your outreach, and helps in lead generation.

It lets you view your customers’ insights and activities on a different dashboard. It helps you to do more in-depth research on companies.

It integrates with other software like CRMs and helps you to manage every data on a single platform.


  • Extended Network Access
  • InMail Reachout
  • Advance Search
  • Sales Spotlight
  • Sales Performance
  • Outlook Web Integration
  • Access to LinkedIn Subscriptions
  • Track records
  • Engage with Clients using the sales Team’s Network
  • Advanced Outreach
  • Administrative mechanisms
  • Centralized Billing
  • Usage Reporting
  • Enterprise Mechanisms
  • Custom Lists
  • Chatbot
  • Manage Saved Leads
  • CRM Sync
  • Data Validation
  • Saved Searches
  • Smart Links
  • Account Recommendations
  • Contact Creation
  • ROI Reporting
  • Advanced CRM Integrations

Pros & Cons


  • Range of Filters
  • Easy to Use
  • Reach Out More Efficiently
  • Easily Access Information
  • Easy Access to Company Information
  • Best For Lead Generation
  • Helps In Increasing Productivity
  • Great Customer Support


  • It needs more Industry Verticals
  • Quite Expensive

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pricing and Plans

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pricing and Plans

They have three monthly plans:

LinkedIn sales navigator pricing starts from $99 Per Month.

  • Budget Pick

    Sales Navigator Core

    • $99/Per Month
  • Best Value

    Sales Navigator Advanced

    • $149/Per Month
  • Premium Pick

    Sales Navigator Advanced Plus(Enterprise)

    • Contact Sales

LinkedIn Free Sales Navigator Trial

It offers a free trial and demo for one Month for core and advanced plans.

That lets you analyze the tools in-depth and precisely all your doubts and confusion after using them so that you can choose between purchasing the software.

  • Premium Pick

    30-Day Free Trial

    • Claim the free 30 days trial for LinkedIn Sales Navigator

My Opinion

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the best sales tools for B2B deals and for generating more leads and sales. Suppose you want to build good relationships with your customer and increase your business’s conversion rates.

In that case, I suggest you go with Sales Navigator, as it provides lots of quality features and options for your work and is trusted by thousands of businesses.


How much does LinkedIn Sales Navigator License Cost?

The price starts from $99/per Month and varies for different plans.

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

It is a tool by LinkedIn used for in-depth analyses and for targeting specific customers and increasing the leads.

Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator have a free trial?

Yes, they have free trials of 30 days so that you can understand and use the tool.

How much does an enterprise Linkedin sales navigator cost?

LinkedIn Enterprise starts from $1600/Year, with many features and benefits.

How long is LinkedIn Sales Navigator free trial?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers a free trial for one month; after that, you can pay to use the application. Linkedin free trials apply only to customers with no current paid subscription to LinkedIn ongoing.


So this was the complete review of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, including features, free trial, and pros & cons.

I hope you got what you were looking for. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to comment on what you like about the tool.

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